Friends Tour of Tin House, Friday 10th February

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This tour is for Open City Friends only. If you'd like to attend this tour but are not a Friend, join our Friends scheme today.

On Friday 10th February we will be visiting Tin House for a guided tour from its architect Henning Stummel.

We have two tour you can book. The first begins at 11.00am, the second at 11.15am. The tour of the house will last around 30 minutes.

Designed by Henning Stummel Architects and making efficient use of an irregular urban site, Tin House is made up of interconnecting top-lit pavilions arranged to define a tranquil private courtyard. This west London house is made up of living spaces and the office of the architectural practice.

From the project's page:

The site is an overlooked and irregular back land plot. We divided the brief into its components, creating a sequence of interconnected pavilions, pushed to the boundary to create a tranquil courtyard with a pool. The composition is reminiscent of a Mediterranean village.

The pyramidal roofs allow light to the adjacent gardens and to our court yard. The earthy red cladding on roofs and walls highlights the sculptural quality of the composition. The pavilions are topped with trapezoid roof lights for day light.

Where pavilions adjoin the thickness of the double wall allows for the insertion of sub-servant space such as WCs, cupboards, stairs and other support spaces.

The architect has combined a Nordic sense of austerity with his love of Renaissance Italy.

For more information see this Dezeen article.

The house is located at W12 8PB

Further details will be send to your email after you book.