About Us

Open City is a charity dedicated to making architecture and neighbourhoods more open, accessible and equitable.

Our mission is to empower communities to learn about, experience and have a role in shaping places where they live. We collaborate with people from diverse communities to widen access to spaces, neighbourhoods, knowledge and careers they are often excluded from. We do this by creating educational and cultural programmes discussing, celebrating and opening up historic and contemporary buildings and landscapes.

Our shop is the portal to resources that accompany our programmes such as tickets to our tours, our printed and audio guides, Open City publications, and our popular Model London series.

Find out more at open-city.org.uk, openhouselondon.org.uk and on Facebook and Twitter


Open City Shop: sales@open-city.org.uk
Open House Festival: openhouse@open-city.org.uk
Friends Scheme and Friends Events: friends@open-city.org.uk
Public Guided Tours: tours@open-city.org.uk
For other enquiries: hello@open-city.org.uk