Tour of St Paul's Triforium and Library, Wednesday 8 May, 12-2pm

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Join Open City Friends for this guided tour of St Paul’s Cathedral.

The tour starts at 12:00 and there will be time to explore the other parts of the Cathedral after the Trophy Room and Library visit.

This Triforium Tour consists of a guided visit into areas in the Triforium level, including a spectacular view down from the top of the famous Geometric Staircase, the exploration of some of the surviving artefacts of the medieval cathedral housed in the Triforium corridors, a visit to the old library and a jaw dropping view from the west end looking down the Nave towards the Quire and High Altar.

The visit culminates in the Trophy Room, where Sir Christopher Wren’s Great Model, based on an earlier design for the cathedral in the shape of a Greek cross, is on display. You will be able to admire this intricate feat of craftsmanship which reflects the design Wren most desired for the rebuilding of St Paul’s Cathedral, but which he was obliged to recast along more conventional lines to gain the approval of the crown and church.

Please note: The Triforium tour involves many flights of stairs and will unfortunately not be suitable for those in wheelchairs or with mobility issues. There are 141 steps to the Triforium level and the tour route includes several short flights of stairs, each no more than 10 steps. The climb may also not be suitable for those with a fear of heights or with pre-existing medical conditions.