Pocket London: Hidden Heritage

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Dig a little deeper under the surface with our new Pocket London: Hidden Heritage pack.

Including our overview of Farringdon's pubs; Elephant and Castle's creative workspaces; Public Health architecture from Soho to Somers Town; London's first and forgotten Chinatown in Limehouse; the architectural secrets hidden in plain sight in City's financial district; Soho & Chelsea seen through the lens of the Arts and Crafts movement; and all the hidden gems scattered around Hammersmith & Fulham.

  • Public Health by Eleanor Marshall
  • Urban Backstages by Cecily Chua and Andrea Cetrulo
  • Soho & Chelsea by Charles Holland
  • Hammersmith & Fulham by Rob Fiehn
  • City of London by Jon Wright
  • Limehouse by Siufan Adey and Amanda Maud
  • Farringdon by David Knight and Cristina Monteiro

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