Pocket London: Contemporary

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Explore some of the most radical new architectural projects from the past few years in our Pocket London: Contemporary pack.

Including our self-guided tours of Zaha Hadid's completed and unrealised projects for London; a walking tour of City Hall, the new home of London's government; Rosamund Lily West's guide to Canary Wharf; Charles Holland's overview of London Bridge; both of Eric Parry's tours to The Cities of London and Westminster; and Greenwich's new creative hub, the Design District.

  • Zaha Hadid by Owen Hatherley
  • City Hall by Danny Danquah
  • Design District by Morgan Lewis
  • London Bridge by Charles Holland
  • Canary Wharf by Rosamund Lily West
  • Westminster by Eric Parry
  • The City by Eric Parry

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