London Icon Linocut Prints by Bill Hunt

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Hand-printed linocuts of some of London's most iconic architecture from artist, printmaker and current Artist in Residence at the University Design Forum Bill Hunt are now available to buy from Open City.
Printed in a limited edition run of five prints per design run on handmade Japanese paper, Hunt's designs feature the following buildings and each print comes with accompanying notes about the building's history:
  • Balfron Tower (190 x 150mm)
  • Brunswick Centre (210 x 150mm)
  • Sun House (230 x 160mm)
  • BT Tower (395 x 280mm)
  • Trellick Tower (395 x 280mm)
  • Great Arthur House (395 x 280mm)
  • The Blizard Institute - The Pods I
  • The Blizard Institute - The Pods II
  • Barbican (280x200mm)

50% of all proceeds will be used to create important educational programmes making London more accessible and equitable.