Pocket London Subscription: Terms & Conditions

Six month and twelve month subscriptions

All prepaid subscriptions will renew on the 25th day of the month.

If you would like to cancel during the six or twelve month period, please contact a member of the Open City team on sales@open-city.org.uk who will be able to help. When you buy a longer-term subscription, the costs of the maps are cheaper as it helps us to plan ahead accurately and fund their production. Those cancelling before the end of their subscription will be refunded the remainder of their payment minus the full RRP (£7.50) of each map already received.

For new subscribers signing up before the 25th, you will receive the current month’s map on demand from our warehouse, and then will be added to the mailing list for the subsequent maps coming directly from the printer. This means that two issues may be delivered closely together, but you will receive six or twelve maps in total before shipments stop.

Monthly rolling subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions must run for a minimum of three months before cancellation. This is because a rolling subscription is offered at a discounted rate to allow us to better plan our print runs and allocate resources. If you would like to cancel sooner, please contact a member of the Open City team on sales@open-city.org.uk for advice.

For our monthly subscribers, we are unable to offer a first map on demand, so your map will arrive at the start of the following month and at the start of each month afterwards for the duration of the subscription. New orders must be received before the 25th in order to receive the map for the subsequent month. After the first payment, monthly payments are taken on the 25th of each month.

Gift subscriptions

Gift subscriptions are set up as a one-off payment product, and not managed through the ReCharge portal.