Pocket London: Thamesmead Printed Tour Guide

Pocket London: Thamesmead Printed Tour Guide

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This is an architectural walking tour of Thamesmead, exploring the ambitious peak of the Greater London Council's municipal socialism: a New Town for London conceived as a single piece of architecture.

It is a paper self-guided tour led by Owen Hatherley featuring engaging text and images which can be enjoyed equally in the field or in the comfort of your home.

The Thamesmead Printed Tour Guide is part of a new series of Pocket London tours exploring our city’s most compelling architecture. Published once a month, Pocket London is available as a subscription or via our shop.

Guide by Owen Hatherley, 2021


Meet the author
Owen Hatherley is an author and the culture editor of Tribune. His books include Red Metropolis, A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain, Landscapes of Communism and The Ministry of Nostalgia. He is also the editor of Open City's 2020 publication, The Alternative Guide to the London Boroughs.