Pocket London: Lambeth Printed Tour Guide

Pocket London: Lambeth Printed Tour Guide

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The period after the Second World War saw high levels of investment in both public institutions and housing, and was in many ways a golden age of opportunity for architects.

With development powers newly given to local council departments, it is noteworthy that ambitious young architects, fresh from schools such as the radical Architectural Association, were able to make significant marks on the city with real immediacy. In this context, the London Borough of Lambeth distinguished itself as particularly ambitious and capable ⁠— and in its architects department, George Finch seized the opportunity to deliver a significant amount of housing for its residents, with particular aesthetic flair, and in accordance with his socialist ideals.

This tour recounts this landmark moment in public architecture history with a personal tone. Author Kate Macintosh started her career working on the new National Theatre, designed the iconic Dawson's Heights in the London Borough of Southwark at the age of 28, and was partner in both life and work to George Finch who passed away in 2013.

This tour tells their story.

This paper self-guided tour is part of a series of Pocket London tours exploring our city’s most compelling architecture featuring engaging text and images which can be enjoyed equally in the field or in the comfort of your home. Published once a month, Pocket London is available as a subscription or via our shop.

Guide by Kate Macintosh, 2022

Meet the author

Kate Macintosh is an architect best known for her 1960s social housing projects, the first of which she designed at the remarkably young age of 26. Now no longer practicing as a designer, Macintosh is a tireless and tenacious housing campaigner.