Pocket London Bundle: A Field Guide to Architectural Movements

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This collection of printed walking and cycling routes can be enjoyed at home or in the field. With each tour focusing on a distinct period or architectural style, the walks will introduce you to the work of pioneering designers throughout history, illustrating shifts in societal context and aspirational thinking.

Highlights of the tours include No1 Poultry, James Sterling's Postmodernist masterpiece in the City of London, and the Design District in North Greenwich which is home to the greatest density of new buildings by leading contemporary architects. In Croydon, Space Age architecture takes shape in the form of the iconic Number One Croydon, and Elephant and Castle we visit Metro Central Heights, a lesser known example of work by the modernist architect Ernő Goldfinger.

Owners of this collection of printed tours will be able to walk through different eras of London's design history, connecting the aesthetics of various buildings with the social, cultural and political context of the time.