Baylight Fellowship Part 5 Poundbury - Friday 14 June 2024

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Escape the office with a day-long visit on Friday 14 June – in the company of architectural historians and critics – exploring the unique residential development of Poundbury, an urban extension to the Dorset county town of Dorchester.

Poundbury is a multi-decade ongoing development built on Duchy of Cornwall land in accordance with the principles of architecture and urban planning as advocated by King Charles III in his 1989 book ‘A Vision of Britain’.

Poundbury was envisaged as an integrated rather than zoned development, consciously designed to challenge a number of the town planning trends and policies of the late 20th century.

Featuring historically-inspired buildings by Leon Krier, Ben Pentreath, ADAM Architecture, Calderpeel and others – Poundbury set out to counter the growing trend of isolated housing estates and shopping centres far from places of work and leisure, forcing ever greater reliance on the car.

Critically evaluating the successes and shortcomings of Poundbury at a moment when the UK faces an intense need for ambitious new live and work settlements, this day out as part of the Baylight Fellowship from the Academy of British Housing will include:

  • Tour of Poundbury with architectural historian Matthew Lloyd Roberts
  • Group discussion over lunch 
  • Walking tour crit focussing on placemaking and sustainable urbanism with guest speaker Ross Sharpe of Cirencester-based Yiangou Architects
  • Tickets £125 / £85

Accredited by Open City, the charity behind the acclaimed Open House Festival which has championed special properties across 50 countries for more than three decades, the Academy of British Housing provides everything leading public and private sector clients of new housing and neighbourhoods need to deliver true long-term success.

Prices for the day include train travel to and from London and catering and are £125 for private sector with a £85 concession for those working in the public sector. Please get in touch if you will be traveling to the event from outside of London.