Pocket London: Hammersmith and Fulham Printed Tour Guide

Pocket London: Hammersmith and Fulham Printed Tour Guide

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Think of Hammersmith and you will most likely picture the Hammersmith Flyover, a vast concrete beast which, at the time of its construction in 1961, was one of the first examples of this type of elevated road infrastructure. Surrounding it are streets upon streets of dense terraced housing, with seemingly no particular urban centre or points of reference for the wider city.

Look a little more closely, however, and you'll find a whole host of intriguing local landmarks. This tour's highlights include the enigmatic St Paul's Studios, built 200 years before the flyover and made all the more peculiar by the change in context, alongside some 1980s oddities such as Ralph Erskine's Ark, and a number of projects by the late Richard Rogers.

This paper self-guided tour is part of a series of Pocket London tours exploring our city’s most compelling architecture featuring engaging text and images which can be enjoyed equally in the field or in the comfort of your home. Published once a month, Pocket London is available as a subscription or via our shop.

Guide by Rob Fiehn, 2022

Meet the author

Robert Fiehn is a writer and editor with 14 years of experience helping architecture practices communicate both internally and with the wider world. He is involved in a number of architectural organisations and initiatives, including as a committee member for The London Society, chair of the Museum of Architecture's board, and board director for Blackhorse Workshop in Walthamstow.