Pocket London Bundle: Postwar Social Housing in North, South, East and West London

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This collection of printed walking and cycling routes can be enjoyed at home or in the field. Focusing on the most visually-striking and memorable modernist achievements of progressive boroughs in north, south, east and west London, the tours show how enduring the quality of spacious design, health and quality of life in the design of housing for all.

Highlights of the tours include the arts and crafts-inspired Boundary Estate in Shoreditch which was Britain’s first public housing development, the cloister-like Macintosh Court retirement home in Streatham, and ranges from from first attempts by local governments in the West End of London to improve conditions for the working classes, and the range of exemplary low-rise-high-density housing schemes in the Camden of the 1960s and 70s.

Representing a series of prominent landmarks amid the rapidly changing townscape of London, these unique locations will be brought to life to reveal the fascinating details behind their construction during a moment of unparalleled optimism and idealism for the future. Owners of the printed tour will discover the extraordinary stories of diverse and previously overlooked architects who brought a fresh wave of talent and ambition to the design of public housing.